Sunday, September 1, 2013

Wonton Making! Peasant Food!

The wonton was a food for peasants, who did not have much meat on hand, in both China and Taiwan. With wontons, you can make a lot with just a little. Each wonton has but a dollop of meat filling consisting of pork, shrimp and spices. With a small bowl of filling and a large stack of wonton wraps, you can feed a crowd. 

Here is how to make them. Our demonstration begins with the Expert Wonton Maker...

 1: Make the wonton filling (mix up ground pork, ginger, pepper oil, and soy sauce).
We added chopped shrimp to ours for extra flavor.

2: Place a wonton wrap on a flat surface. 

3: Use your finger to dampen the edges of the wrap with water. 

4: Spread the filling in the middle of the wonton wrap and roll up the wonton diagonally.

5: Pinch the opposite corners together.

6: Get friends and family to help.

7: Carefully place the wontons in a pot of boiling water. 

(When they float, cook for two more minutes.)

8: Take them out of the boiling water.

9: Add stuff of your choice. We put our in a bowl of noodles, broccoli and broth.


A perfect snack.

This is wonton written in Mandarin.

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